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Nip Bottle Wedding Favor

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Nip Bottle Wedding Favor
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A perfect wedding favor- Filled with our award winning amber/rich flavor maple syrup, this single serve glass bottle will add to any occasion. The perfect price and size to buy in bulk and make smiles everywhere. Make someone smile when they get their own personalized bottle of syrup or take with you to your favorite restaurant so that you can have our extra special syrup anytime and anyplace.


This beautiful bottle makes an wonderful little wedding favor. At about 3 inches tall, it stands tall and proud with small leafs around the rim. A very affordable little bottle from Maine.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Allergen Warning None
Serving Size 50ml- single serving
Shelf Life

6 months- 2 years- Must refrigerate after opening.

Maple Syrup should be stored in a cool dry place. Maple Syrup does not freeze, so long term storage is best in the freezer. Many of our customers purchase larger jugs of maple syrup and save money by pouring the syrup into smaller containers and placing them in the freezer until it is used.

Once open, Maple Syrup must be refrigerated. The longer the syrup is left on the counter or on the table during use, the shorter the shelf life will be. Maple Syrup spoils similar to the way milk does. Warm temperatures are not desirable.

If Maple Syrup starts to spoil and mold is present at the top of the container, it can be safely saved. Skim off any mold or foam that is present. Pour this syrup into a pot on the stove and bring back to the boiling point for a period of 10 minutes. Try not to boil it, just let it simmer as hot as possible. Pour back into a sterilized container and enjoy the Maple Syrup.

Maple Syrup may crystalize in the bottom of the jug or glass bottle. This happens even more quickly if the Maple Syrup is left in the refrigerator or on the counter for an extended period of time without the cover on. Liquid water evaporates from the container leaving excess sugar crystals that crystalize forming what looks like pieces of glass. Of course, they are nothing more than sugar crystals. Sometimes these can be “melted down” with a little hot water. Other times they are fun to just suck on, similar to a hard maple candy.

Never use Maple Syrup from a cracked or broken glass bottle. Glass shards may be present in the Maple Syrup.

Storage Refrigerate after opening
Size 50ml
Species No
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