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  1. Premier Pancake Mix

    The recipe for our Premier Pancake Mix has been passed down for many generations in the Bryant Family. We recommend using whole milk for the perfect light and fluffy pancakes each and every time. Top with our Pure Maple Syrup and sprinkle with Granulated Maple Sugar. Learn More
  2. Pure Maple Cream

    Pure maple cream is decadent and delicious as a spread on toast or bagels. Our maple cream is made from 100% pure maple syrup and is fat free and gluten free. Try a spoonful today! Learn More
  3. Pure Maple Candies

    Enjoy a box of award winning Pure Maple Candies, made only from Pure Maple Syrup boiled to concentrate the sugars even more. So soft and yummy, adults and kids alike, will fall in love with our Pure maple candies. Choose from regular pack (8pcs), double pack (16pcs), triple pack (24pcs), or family pack (32pcs). Learn More
  4. Beyond Pancakes

    Order this cookbook for yourself or give as a gift. Sugarhouses all over the state of Maine contributed their finest recipes to make one of the most complete cookbooks every written about Maple. Learn More
  5. Maple Baked Beans

    Donʼt let another Saturday night go by without a pot of Maple Baked Beans. The recipe (included) guides you step by step through the slow cooking process of making the perfect Maple Baked Beans. You will never buy another can of beans again. Perfect for gift giving too. Learn More
  6. Maple Fudge

    We hand make our Maple Fudge in small batches with only the finest ingredients and pure Maine Maple Syrup. Each batch is certain to have a creamy smooth texture and the perfect sweetness of maple. Twin pack contains two large pieces in a simple but functional resealable plastic bag. Our gold seal box of fudge, also comes with two large pieces in a decorative box with a gold bow, perfect for gift giving. Learn More
  7. Maple Whoopie Pies- Case of 6!

    A huge “State of Maine Treat.” This gourmet snack food can be cut in half and shared with a friend or eaten whole. These Maple Whoopie Pies are delicious from the very first bite. Kids will love them, adults will crave them. Sold in boxes of 6. Learn More
  8. Granulated Maple Sugar

    You will fall in love with our pure Granulated Maple sugar on your favorite recipes or sprinkled on fruit. It is absolutely delicious in barbeque sauces and in rubs. The sweet concentrated maple aroma is evident the minute you open the container. Plastic container has a shaker/ spoon screw top. Learn More
  9. Old Fashioned Maple Drops

    Enjoy a can of old fashioned maple drops. These hard maple candies are flavored with Pure Maple Syrup and taste great. Each 5 ounce can contains approximately 25 individually packaged pieces. Share one with a friend. Makes a great treat! Learn More
  10. Maple Barbecue Sauce

    Hilltop Boilers Maple Barbecue Sauce, is made only with the finest ingredients. It is gently simmered one batch at a time with no artificial flavors added. Made exclusively with Hilltop Boilers award winning dark amber maple syrup, this deliciously sweet sauce is a perfect match for chicken, ham and pork, along with your favorite sandwich. Enjoy the distinctive homemade taste. Learn More

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