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-The Best Maple Syrup in Maine for 2016-       (Grade A: Dark- June 2016, Maine Maple Producers Association| Best Maple Syrup in Maine)

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    Pure Maine Maple Syrup is made only in the springtime when the trees are thawing out from a long winters nap. Great syrup making is an art that takes years to perfect. It is a skill that is passed down from generation to generation through the most subtle ways.  At Hilltop Boilers, we have mastered the art of maple syrup making. You will notice our exceptional flavor.

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The Sweetest Christmas Gift

From our maple trees to your table, 2016 award winning maple syrup makes the sweetest Christmas gifts, the most memorable holiday treats and memories that will be treasured a life time.  We are confident you will find something for everyone on your Christmas list.




Experience the Difference? 

Our maple syrup is produced on wood fire, giving our syrup a deeper, richer flavor.  We have a huge assortment of glass, plastic,and tin bottles along with a variety of other maple products.  We pride ourselves in fast and professional shipping.  Experience the difference with our family owned sugarhouse!

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