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The Best of Maine– Pure Maine Maple Candy- (Best of Show Award,  Jan. 2019, MMPA | Best Maple Syrup in Maine)

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Pure Maine Maple Syrup is one of the nicest Christmas presents that you can give to your family and friends.  Nearly everyone from Maine has fond memories of visiting sugar houses as a child and a gift of maple syrup brings you back to those days, when life was simpler and easier.     At Hilltop Boilers, we have mastered the art of maple syrup making. You will notice our exceptional flavor. I promise! Michael Bryant

Christmas is coming, are you ready!

 Save yourself some time this holiday season and give the gift of Pure Maple Syrup made in Maine.  Maple syrup is similar to fine wine in that it has a distinct flavor.  Some good, some not so good.  Our syrup, made on a wood fired evaporator is simply better than syrup you will find on some huge discount website.  With our competitive prices, and $4.95 flat rate shipping, you won’t find a better deal….Free shipping on orders over $50 by using discount code- “bestofmaine”

From Trees to Table

Our sugarhouse is locate in the beautiful town of Newfield, Maine, along the Maine/ New Hampshire border.  This region of southern Maine is flush with maple trees!  We currently tap trees on 41 different plots of land, most of which we have tapped for decades.  We take pride in knowing and caring for our trees as they give us the natural sugars that we love.  Making maple syrup never grows old.  Its what we do!  Providing you with natures harvest from our trees to your table.  Enjoy our maple syrup direct from our sugarhouse to you!

Free Shipping over $50- Use Code “bestofmaine”

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