More Farm Products: Snowplowing, Tilling, Manure, Hay, Firewood, and Custom Wood Products

More than Maple

Some of the services that we offer on the farm include……….


*Snowplowing services. Snowplowing in the Newfield, Limerick and North Waterboro Areas. We operate two plow trucks and primarily plow residential driveways and a few small commercial lots. We also offer salt sanding when conditions warrant.


*Tilling for hire. We offer garden rototilling with a large farm tractor and seven foot wide, high speed tiller. We can till up to 10 inches deep.

*Manure for sale. Once the frost has left the ground, spring is the time to be fertilizing your vegetable garden. Grow some of the nicest vegetables ever with our fresh cow manure. We store this inside our large manure pit so that the rain and snow does not wash out the nutrients. With our manure stored inside, not on the ground, it is rock and dirt free.  And of course, we deliver.


Loading Bales

*Hay for sale. All of our hay crop is sold in square bales to horse farm in southern Maine. Our hay fields are well fertilized twice a year, yielding quality hay with high protein and nutrient levels. Typically we have hay for sale year round but sometimes run out in the spring. Usually we deliver right to your barn, placing it in your loft with our conveyor.

Harvest time:

*Firewood for sale. In the fall we sell firewood to local residents. This hardwood is from local forests and is cut,split, and delivered. We air dry our firewood for nearly two years before selling it.

Custom Wood Products

Custom CabinetryWe also offer custom wood products throughout the entire year. Our primary focus is cabinetry construction. Whether new construction or remodeling, we custom build cabinetry to fit the individual needs of each customer. We do not buy generic cabinets and make them “fit the hole.” We custom build each piece, designed exclusively for the area it will be in.

Beyond cabinetry, we custom build small pieces of furniture on an as needed basis.