About Us: Hilltop Boilers Four Generations of Maine Maple Syrup

About Hilltop Boilers

Hilltop Boilers is a family owned business located in Newfield, Maine. For nearly three decades our company has committed itself to offering you the finest quality Maple Products at competitive pricing. Whether it be a small jug of Maple Syrup or hundreds of elegant bottles for wedding favors, we take pride in all that we do. Hilltop Boilers would like to take this opportunity to express heartfelt appreciation to all the wonderful customers and friends who have supported us for all of these years. We know that, were it not for your love of our fine Maple Products there would be no Hilltop Boilers. We want to thank our customers for supporting us. Your enduring loyalty motivates us to continue providing quality Maple Products, at the best prices, with the finest service possible. We rely on customer feedback to help ensure our products are of the highest quality and value with only the best customer service. Please feel free to let us know what you think, send us an email.

We belong…….

We proudly support the following organizations with our time, talents, and monies.

Each one has a unique way that it helps us support the Maple Industry in the state of Maine.

  • Maine Maple Producers Association
  • Southern Maine Maple Sugar Makers Association
  • Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association

Hilltop Boilers LLC in media print

Here is a list of publications that we have been in recently:

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  • Portland Press Herald- November 2015
  • Smart Shopper- November 2015
  • Smart Shopper- March/April 2015
  • Down East Magazine- March 2012
  • Portland Press Herald- March 2015
  • Made in Maine- March 2015
  • Waterboro Reporter- March 2015
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