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Covid-19 Summer 2020

Please visit the link below to view our latest Covid- 19 link:

To our loyal customers, friends, and family:
Summer 2020
Our summer retail store hours are:
Saturday: 10AM-4PM
Please call 207-793-8850 for appointments

We will be limiting the number of visitors at our store in an effort to promote, physical distancing. We are committed to providing a healthy and beneficial product to our community and ask that you do your part when shopping at our store.

*Please avoid shopping in large groups. While we have always encouraged families at our farm, we must request that limit the number of people in your group to help facilitate physical distancing.

*Please limit your time in our store, so that others can shop as well. While we will all miss the social aspects of shopping, everyone’s safety is more important.

*Please respect other people and maintain a minimum six foot distance between yourself and them. If you are unable to physical distance, please wear a face mask.

*Please use the hand sanitize available at the store entrance upon arrival and at the exit, as you leave.
Thank you so much for the support and kindness that you have shown to the Hilltop Boilers staff and family. May God continually bless you and your family as we get through this together.

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Covid-19 Summer 2020